15 Responses to “Post your Request Here”

  1. nic said

    walkman 1.4 patch……….. for pressing up/down in now playing and it gos tot the current playlist.

  2. loca said

    hii every body i want XS++ program
    and i want to know how to use it
    and i want to know whats the differ between those patches
    K810 SW-R1KG001_[56].txt
    K810 SW-R6BC002_[40].txt
    K810 SW-R8BA024_ [88].txt
    and how i know which one i should use
    thanks for your help

  3. manndaar said

    K810 SW-R1KG001_[56].txt
    K810 SW-R6BC002_[40].txt
    K810 SW-R8BA024_ [88].txt
    are different firmwares.
    you will come to know when u see ur log file in xs++ go here for complete tutorial on xs++:

    download xs++ here

  4. aashish said

    hey do you know if an elfpack exists for the w830i r1kg001 firmware?..if there is can you please post it

  5. DAvey said

    Hi I am just wondering where I could get the cam drives:.zapf for the SE C702. I have a K810i and I would really love too have face recognizing on it. Many thanks, if theres help. ps sorry for the bad english I live in sweden.

  6. manndaar said

    DAvey : Its not possible!face recognizing is hardware dependent. u cant change it using cam driver.n nways c702 is yet to launch.

  7. HYpNOtIX said

    hey i wannna ask u a question..

    there is an elf; but i dont know its name..
    its> for example VODAFONE TR network name; but there are GFX icons instead of network and GFX writings like ERHANNN. but its not logo changer elf.

    and this webpage rox ! i loaded all elfpacks from here. i couldnt find anywhere. thanx a lot.

  8. bishshoy007 said

    I want a valid and compatible DYN_CONST.bin for my K790 R8BF003. The one associated with your all elves and dyn_const pack is not a valid one and so many elves dont work.

  9. oner said

    FS for W880 APAC please….

  10. manndaar said

    oner tell me your firmware version[W880_R8BA024….. or else]

  11. bennyboy said

    Please can you post SeTool2 Lite v1.0 and the patch to make it v1.11?

  12. manndaar said

    bennyboy check my updated software section.

  13. xicofixas said

    congrats for the site, my request is software, games and other stuff that use the accelerometer.

  14. manndaar said

    sure i m working on that

  15. Crusifixken said

    Maybe a .rar or a .zip file for all the software downloads… Would make things easier ^.^

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